Introduction Business

IMGL will look to focus in the industry of mine tailings. In particular Lead/Zinc recycling from the mine tailings in China. The Chinese mine tailing recycling industry has great potential, due to the rapid economic and population growth within China, which has led to an increase in solid waste in recent years. This has led to huge environmental issues for the Chinese government as there is inadequate solid waste treatment, leading to pollution issues. The Chinese government will invest to RMB 2-4 trillion to address the issue. IMGL therefore plan to follow this market trend, and will be investing their efforts in the Lead/Zinc mine tailing recycling business. Research conducted by the China Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development Reform commission indicate that valuable minerals could be recycled through the utilization of tailings, and can generate significant economic benefits. An example of a company that has done this recovered 2 million tons of gold. IMGL’s proposed Yangshuo mine project, is to reutilise the valuable elements from Lead and Zinc mine tailings, with the remaining tailings being used for fertilizers, concrete additives, brick making an down hole filling materials. Yangshuo is in the process of obtaining a mining certificate from the governmental agencies. According to the inspection result from the local surveying and mapping bureau the content of valuable minerals in the Lead/Zinc mine is high. The average qualities of those exceeds the boundary grade of the Lead/Zinc mine, and there is great comprehensive utilisation value.